"The Stop​​​​​​​ Over"     
A series of three depicting my covid journey during 2021.  All images have ghostly characters and blue undertones.  They all have references to trains, which helps to explain the image and series titles. 
"The Crossing"                     "The Ride"                     "The Station"
"Splash Dancing"
This series of nine images was created by photographing water drops that appear to resemble dance moves.
"Abraham Lake - It's More than Just Bubbles"
Images showing that there is much more to do and see at Abraham Lake than just capturing the amazing ice bubbles that tourists come from all over the world to see.
"Hands at Work in Havana"
A collection of images showing workers using their hands at their craft.
"Loving Life in the Landfill"
This series was taken in Nicaragua at a landfill that is occupied by full time residents.  Even though they live a life of poverty, they are all very happy people.
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